IT security is not only gained by implementing suitable software, but also by raising awareness of it. Therefore, the different departments of a company must also be trained individually:

  • Management: The topics compliance and Information Security Management System (ISMS) are often paramount.
  • Administrators: For administrators, the update process, i.e. how updates are imported, as well as appropriate rights management are particularly important.
  • Software developer: A developer should avoid typical mistakes in the design process and, if possible, provide security guarantees (security by design).
  • Employees: One of the top attacks on companies is the so-called social engineering. In other words, in the worst case scenario, the employee won’t even notice that he has released critical information. Here it is important to make employees aware of the risks on a regular basis.

Security awareness

Avoid security incidents caused by your employees working with computer systems or the Internet. Through social engineering, information can be unknowingly published. In raising awareness of your employees, we determine the basics of information security, explain common attack methods and the associated risks and consequences.

Additionally to our special training, we also offer information events regarding current developments in security. These events provide expert opinions to new technological trends, such as IoT, Industrie 4.0 or ransomware. Please feel free to contact us about the relevant trend you want to get informed about.

Secure software engineering

Secure software development starts with your developers. Already, during the conception and development of software it is possible to create security and avoid mistakes (security-by-design). Our developer training courses can cover a variety of topics, as needed, including web application security, memory security, network security, third-party code management, and more.