SRT Vault

Your uncomplicated solution for efficient mobile device management! Use a second, secure environment on your device. Install any application without unwanted data access. Contact us

Why SRT Vault?

With the help of SRT Vault, applications can be moved or directly installed into a secure area on the device. Applications and their data, like Pictures or files, are completely protected in SRT Vault and seperated from everything outside. Applications inside SRT Vault can be temporarily shut down, also called function freeze since the applications are hereby frozen in time. Therefore annoying notifications disappear, the battery is not charged and no data is gathered in the background.

The applications outside of SRT Vault do not get any information regarding the applications in SRT Vault.

You need an application twice with different accounts? No problem! Just use the duplicate in SRT Vault.

Let SRT Vault apparently disappear from the device - icon and name can be changed as needed.

Family and friends have access to your mobile phone from time to time? Do not worry about your (business) secrets.

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