SRT Vault

The solution for privacy and data protection on your device! Use a second, secure environment on your device. Install any application without unwanted data access! googleTry now for free!

SRT Vault
Protect your privacy - with our app "made in Germany"

Keep your apps, pictures and files safe on your private or business smartphone. Protected by our app, you can pass your smartphone to  business partners, curious friends or children without hesitation. 

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The applications outside of SRT Vault do not get any information regarding the applications in SRT Vault.

You need an application twice with different accounts? No problem! Just use the duplicate in SRT Vault.

Let SRT Vault apparently disappear from the device - icon and name can be changed as needed.

Family and friends have access to your mobile phone from time to time? Do not worry about your (business) secrets.

You want to get an impression of our app? Watch our short example-videos:

How to clone an app into my SRT Vault

How to deactivate (freeze) apps in my SRT Vault

How to change icon and name of the SRT Vault

How to release contacts in my SRT Vault

How to import files into my SRT Vault


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