Penetration Testing

Nowadays, every third company is a victim of cyber-crime. Every minor loophole in the system is exploited by hackers. These attacks often stay undetected for months and therefore cause damages of several millions. That is why we advise to carry out penetration testing. The assessment of different applications and the pointing out of potential safety risks are paramount, as well as the protection of your company through our recommended measures. With this kind of auditing you can still profit from all the advantages of global networking and win the trust of your clients.

Planning phase

Scope and strategy
are determined using the previous security standards

Testing phase

Review of the company system
on weak points and security risks


Detailed findings and recommended measures are discussed


Optionally, we do a follow-up test

Web Penetration

Web penetration offers you the possibility to specifically test the vulnerability of web applications - for instance online shops  or the login of a web application in your company.

During a web penetration, configuration and version management, authentication, input validation (XSS, CRSF, SQL Injections, …) or error correction management can be tested.

We are happy to discuss further testing options with you.

Network Penetration

With a penetration test with your network, exploitable loopholes in your overall network can be detected. For this purpose your routers or switches, as well as the connections of the systems among each other and further components are included. Depending on how you designed your network.

During a test, for instance port scans, protocol analysis (SSH, SMTP, FTP, VPN, …), dictionary attacks, backdoor analysis and DoS-risk analysis can be included.

We are happy to discuss other options with you.

Software Penetration

During a software penetration, we can test the secure use of of the memory or the handling of sensitive data. Another possibility is a test on the usage of security best practises, the analysis of the development processes and code reviews.

We are happy to discuss more individual test options with you.