Internal audits

Internal audits offer you the opportunity to check your processes, guidelines and requirements. These required standards offer you and your partners more security. 

The following audits are often gladly made use of:

  • Software engineering processes
  • Source code und software design
  • Accident managment manual
  • Data Protection Directive

We are happy to assist you in the analysis, implementation and documentation of your systems and processes in order to improve the information security in your company.


Certifications are becoming increasingly important. With a certification to existing standards you put your IT infrastructure on a good base that brings not only benefits to you and your partners but also trust.

Your advantages:

  • Continuous security through controls and adjustments
  • Minimizing the risk of attack by technical measures
  • Creating information security through sensitization of all company members
  • Providing availability, integrity and confidentiality to your partners
We are happy to support you in the planning and implementation of your certification.