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Security Consulting

The IT security of a company has become a central aspect for continuous success and competitiveness of any company. Incidents of malware like Emotet and Wannacry, that send shockwaves through the world, induced us to address these needs vigorously. SRT GmbH has set the goal to give companies the possibility to increase their security standards significantly with the help of our competence. This includes besides technical improvements, extensive security consulting on a decision-making level. Our world-leading expertise in cyber security is not only demanded by DAX30 companies but also regularly by little and medium-sized companies.

Our company's history

SRT GmbH was founded under the name X-pire! by Prof. Michael Backes as a spin-off company from the Universität des Saarlandes. The corporation specializes in the security of the security analysis, as well as the research and the development of innovative security technologies. Michael Backes is also the founding director of CISPA, holds the chair for information security and cryptography at Universität des Saarlandes and fellow at Max Planck Institute for Software Systems. Since 2012, the corporation operated as Backes SRT GmbH and is based in Saarbrücken. The SRT GmbH is integrated into the network of Scheer Holding and F. Holzer GmbH. Through this integration and its connections to Universität des Saarlandes, SRT GmbH has an unique access to top-class research institutes plus diversified segments of the IT branch.

Custom products tailored to your needs

Due to our expertise that we have gained throughout our research and our work with leading German companies, it is possible for us to develop the products tailored to the needs of our customers. Solutions of the SRT GmbH, as for example SRT AppGuard or the Boxify Technology, which forms the theoretical basis of our products, have already been award-winning and downloaded a million times.

Our Team